Don’t trust your feelings.

In 1977, a low-budget film that was part Flash Gordon, part Jidaigeki¹, part 1970s radical progressive sensibilities (feminism, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism, etc) was released. It was called Star Wars, later retitled Star Wars: A New Hope.

Two more films were added later to create a trilogy, and then a prequel trilogy, a couple of one-off films, and a sequel trilogy. And that’s where it all changed. The sequel films, while remaining very true to the original, were rejected by many. In December 2020, by the magic of graphics processing, the young version of Luke Skywalker was brought back in a short scene where he hacks his way through opposition in quite the way his father (spoilers!) …


Peter Lewerin

Algorithmician, history buff, non-practicing hedonist. Whovian, ghiblist: let there be wonder. Argumentative, punster, has delusions of eloquence.

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