Don’t trust your feelings.

In 1977, a low-budget film that was part Flash Gordon, part Jidaigeki¹, part 1970s radical progressive sensibilities (feminism, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism, etc) was released. It was called Star Wars, later retitled Star Wars: A New Hope.

Two more films were added later to create a trilogy, and then a prequel trilogy, a couple of one-off films, and a sequel trilogy. And that’s where it all changed. The sequel films, while remaining very true to the original, were rejected by many. In December 2020, by the magic of graphics processing, the young version of Luke Skywalker was brought back in a short…

“all the elements will fall into place” (spoiler: they won’t)

(Image source

Now, the plot of the film includes implied rape, and it isn’t resolved. It is just “cancelled” through fairly unconvincing retroactive consent.

The days are grey and cloudy. Several styles mix: early 20th century architecture, late 21st century advanced technology, 1950s-looking streets and (flying) cars. It has a crude, rough, worn, cold texture to it. The visuals of Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell aren’t far away, nor their themes. Some aspects of The Fifth Element would seem to recur here, but Immortal is a very different film covering some common ground.

This is a film made from scraps…

Yeah, cute. I started this um with the goal of writing essays. I do have a few that I have started or planned, but it doesn’t work like it did once. I don’t have the um to create and make complete a text where I bring out an idea that started with my own thinking anymore.

I wrote the preceding paragraph without looking any words up, and I didn’t attempt to find correct idioms. My English has always been recognizably non-native, but the experience of not finding words, or being unable to form even reasonably-formed sentences is new (as in…

This is mostly a reflection on the elusiveness of the concept of good and evil in “Lord of the Rings”. Is Sauron really evil? Are all orcs evil, and in that case why? Is Tolkien’s world more like an utopia or a dystopia?

Tolkien was, in the middle of the 20th century, very much against modern society. Partially this was because of his experiences modern war in WWI; industrialized and dehumanized war. He was later unable to conclusively explain the orcs, but in a letter he wrote that “we were all orcs in the war”. The orcs demonstrate the change…

(In which I bring up a super-current issue, the Lord of the Rings film trilogy from 2001–3)

Wikimedia-Jackie.lck (photos · sets) [CC BY 2.0]

How about this?

  1. You don’t have to hate the films just because you’re a fan of the books, and
  2. those who like the films aren’t worse fans than others.

Usually some points are listed to explain how unsatisfactory the films are. Some I agree with, others get some comments below.

Tolkien wouldn’t have liked it Probably not. Then again, if a new version was made with all the changes undone, he probably still wouldn’t have liked…

A simple fix, or a way to make it right?

For many years I was active in a couple of programming Q-and-A communities. It was very rewarding since many questions became a prompt for me to learn more about a problem or language feature before I answered. What was a bit tedious in the long run, apart from the fact that those frequently asked questions are asked very frequently, was that so few questioners seemed interested in learning more about whatever it was that stumped them. …

She asked me what I was going to do next.

“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe I’ll try going back to writing. Not fiction. Essays, maybe.”

I like to explain, recount, opine, speculate.

I’m autistic. For forty years I did not know that. I just knew that it was hard for me to small talk. My go-to strategies were to 1) get the other one to talk about themselves, or 2) pontificate. After my diagnosis (and another term ending in -splaining started to get popular), I called it aspie-splaining.

It’s self-therapy: I feel better when I explain things, like I’m…

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Algorithmician, history buff, non-practicing hedonist. Whovian, ghiblist: let there be wonder. Argumentative, punster, has delusions of eloquence.

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